Fisher ROC Plus Ethernet - Perpetual




The Fisher ROC Plus Ethernet driver works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to exchange data between OPC/DDE clients and ROC Plus protocol devices. This driver is intended for use with the following ROC Plus protocol devices: ROC809, ROC809L, ROC827, and ROC827L.

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  • Supports Automatic Tag Generation directly from the RTU or configuration file for rapid deployment of communications
  • ​Communication Specification
  • ​Operator Identification
  • ​Time synchronization on EFM poll, user-specified interval, or time of day
  • Read, Write, and Auto Tag Generation of User Program Data (User Defined Points)
  • Supports OpCodes 10 and 11 for reading and writing to user tables
  • Supports OpCode 167 for single point reads
  • Supports OpCode 180 for multiple point reads in a single request
  • Supports Advanced Statistics Tags, including _CommFailures, _ErrorResponses, and more
  • Optimized for extreme conditions (noisy communication channels and low-bandwidth)


Supported Devices

  • ROC809
  • ROC827


  • ROC Plus


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