• 1. Modbus / ThingWorx Gateway IOT600-TWX-TS Application in Intelligent Building

    Keywords: Internet of Things, ThingWorx, Industrial Internet

    The Internet of Things has gradually developed in many areas such as industrial monitoring, urban management, smart homes and intelligent transportation.The industries involved in the Internet of Things include electronics, software and communications, identifying relevant information through the identification of electronic products, transmitting information through communication devices and services, and finally processing information through computers.


    Products: IOT600-TWX-TS

  • 1. SST Automation Provides Easy Communication with Industrial Robots

    Keywords: HMI, Industrial Robot, Modbus TCP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET

    Industrial robots of different brands usually use different communication protocols. In the actual factory conditions, it is necessary to connect multiple robots with PLCs based on different protocols and achieve the data communication. But how to achieve these complex applications? SST Automation's GT200 series industrial gateway can easily solve the problems. GT200 series gateway supports many types of protocols, covering most of the commonly used industrial communication protocols and networks in the world.


    Products: GT200-DP-DN,GT200-PN-DM,GT100-EI-RS

  • 2. HART Protocol Communication Solution

    Keywords: HART protocol, protocol conversion, Modbus, Profibus DP, EtherNet/IP

    HART protocol was introduced in 1985 for a communication protocol between field intelligent instrument and control room equipment. With 30 years' development, HART technology has become very mature and has been the industry standard for global intelligent instrument.


    Products: GT200-HT-DP,GT200-HT-RS,GT200-HT-MT,GT200-HT-EI

  • 3. SSTCOMM GT100-PN-DM Application in Robot Welding Workstation

    In a upgrading project, a workshop used ABB-IRB 2400 robots when performing welding work. Each welding station assigned three robots to work at the same time. There are multiple workstations in the workshop, but the imported PLC is Siemens PLC, they cannot be communicated directly. How to control ABB robots through Siemens PLC has become a major difficulty in this project.


    Products: GT100-PN-DM

  • 4. SST Automation Modbus/Profibus DP Gateway GT200-DP-RS application in ABB converter remote control

    In an industrial automation project, the control center system needs to monitor the output frequency and working status of the remote ABB converter real-time, and also needs to control the start-stop, positive and negative rotation and the frequency of converter remotely.


    Products: GT200-DP-RS

  • 1. GT200-3HT-MT Application Case communication between the Intouch and Ultrasonic level meter

    With the proposal of "The Industrial Internet of Things", the industrial field application is to convert different application protocols into Ethernet, in order to enhance the field communication speed and quality. Modbus TCP is one of the industrial Ethernet protocol, which is the most commonly used in field applications.


    Products: GT200-3HT-MT

  • 2. Universal Serial / PROFINET IO Gateway GT200-PN-3RS application in intelligent temperature and humidity instrument

    Keywords: Modbus protocol, PROFINET protocol, boiler, Intelligent temperature and humidity instrument, GT200-PN-3RS

    PROFINET was launched by PROFIBUS International (PI) and is a new generation of automation bus standards based on industrial Ethernet technology. As a strategic technological innovation, PROFINET provides a complete network solution for the field of automation communications.


    Products: GT200-PN-3RS

  • 3. Modbus/Serial to PROFIBUS DP gateway GT100-DP-RS and LED Display are applied in large ports and wharf

    As the LED display has many advantages, like high brightness, long life, strong light penetration, clearly visible under strong light, it is widely used in many areas, such as the sea ports, building, traffic information display.


    Products: GT100-DP-RS

  • 1. HART to Modbus TCP Gateway GT200-HT-MT Application in Sewage Treatment Plant

    With the intensification of water pollution around the world, sewage treatment has become a major concern in various countries in recent years. In wastewater treatment, advanced industrial automation technology plays an important role in improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment.


    Products: GT200-HT-MT

  • 2. HART / Modbus Gateway GT200-HT-RS application in sewage treatment plant

    Keywords: HART, Modbus, HART/Modbus, 4-20mA, Rosemount, flowmeter

    Seven sewage treatment plants are carrying out the renovation of the old project. Each factory has many ROSEMOUNT HART instruments for collecting instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of wastewater in the pipeline. Each instrument connects a PLC (HART master station) of the central control room.


    Products: GT200-HT-RS

  • 3. SSTCOMM Application between the gateway GT200-HT-EI and Rosemount Flowmeter

    Keywords: GT200-HT-EI, HART/EtherNet/IP, AB PLC, Rosemount Flowmeter, sewage treatment

    In a sewage treatment plant project, the control center system need to real-time monitor instantaneous flow quantity and total flow quantity of 4 sets of Rosemount flowmeters.


    Products: GT200-HT-EI

  • 4. SST Automation EtherNet/CAN Gateway GT200-MT-CA Application in Sewage Treatment

    Keywords: CAN2.0A/CAN2.0B, CAN to Ethernet, CAN communication monitoring, Sewage Treatment, CAN to Modbus TCP

    With the rapid development of the industry, the discharge of industrial wastewater is increasing and the water pollution is getting worse, the demand for sewage treatment is increasing now.


    Products: GT200-MT-CA

  • 1. Modbus / ThingWorx Gateway IOT600-TWX-TS Application in Intelligent Building

    Keywords: Internet of Things, ThingWorx, Industrial Internet

    The Internet of Things has gradually developed in many areas such as industrial monitoring, urban management, smart homes and intelligent transportation.


    Products: IOT600-TWX-TS

  • 2. HART / PROFIBUS DP Gateway GT200-HT-DP Application in cement industry

    Keywords: HART, PROFIBUS, HART/PROFIBUS conversion module

    The entire production line's automatic control system consists of three parts: field equipment, various controllers in the PLC room, and central control system in the control room. The central control system communicates with various PLC controllers via the PROFIBUS DP. The controller is responsible for collecting or controlling all kinds of field devices 100 meters away.


    Products: GT200-HT-DP

  • 1. SSTCOMM CANopen/PROFIBUS DP Gateway GT200-DP-CO connects Siemens PLC and Delta servo drive

    Keywords: CANopen/PROFIBUS DP, Siemens PLC, Delta servo drive, SSTCOMM, GT200-DP-CO

    In order to improve production capacity and quality of a lithium iron phosphate battery production line, customer need to update production line system and upload related data of 3 sets of servo drives to Siemens PLC, through the WinCC site to achieve a comprehensive monitoring is the key of this transformation.


    Products: GT200-DP-CO

  • 1. SSTCOMM PROFIBUS DP/CAN Gateway GT200-DP-CA Data Collection between Siemens PLC and CAN inclinometer

    In an industrial field project, the user used Siemens S7-300 PLC as the data acquisition and control equipment. The XT201-CAN sensor was used in the field. The PLC needs to collect the sensor data in real time and process it accordingly. The sensor is based on CAN2.0A and follows a simple Request&Response protocol.


    Products: GT200-DP-CA

  • 2. EtherNet IP/PROFIBUS DP Gateway Use Case in China

    Keywords: Subway Transport, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS DP, GT200-DP-EI, AB PLC, Siemens PLC S7-300, Industrial Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP

    Subways operate in extremely special environments, so high reliability and efficiency in subway communication system are important. The industrial Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP gateway GT200-DP-EI developed by SST Automation was applied to the metro line in China, due to its practical relevance to the specific requirements of subway communications.


    Products: GT200-DP-EI

  • 3. SST Automation Modbus/BACnet IP Gateway GT200-BM-2RS Pharmaceutical Industry Application

    Keywords: Modbus/ BACnet, IPGT200-BM-2RS, SAUTER novaPro Open Suite, Pharma

    Pharmaceutical industry's characteristics: complex processes, various equipments, high temperature and pressure, corrosion, flammable, explosive, poisonous and harmfulcharacters. To ensure the safety of production staff, production of environment, raw materials and product, there must be reliable and effective detection and control means.


    Products: GT200-BM-2RS

  • 4. Serial to Ethernet Communication Solutions

    Keywords: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, cascade, multi-master monitoring

    Modbus is the world's first bus protocol to be truly used in industrial fields, published by Modicon (a brand of Schneider Electric) in 1979. Till now Modbus enables thousands of devices to communicate. Internet organizations enable the reserved system port 502 on the TCP / IP line access Modbus. Modbus protocol supports traditional serials RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet devices.


    Products: GT200-MT-RS,GT200-MT-2RS