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The ABB Totalflow driver for KEPServerEX connects to ABB Totalflow devices that support the native Totalflow serial protocol. The Totalflow protocol is typically used in upstream Oil & Gas for process control and hydrocarbon measurement at the wellhead, as well as in midstream Oil & Gas facilities. Its capabilities provide data to SCADA, HMI, and measurement applications.

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  • Supports communications via:
    • Ethernet Encapsulation
    • Dialup Modem
      • Automatic Dialing
      • Multiple phone numbers
  • String support
  • Supports up to 1024 communication channels
  • Supports scan mode for controlling client poll rates
  • Supports the retrieval of Trend Logs that are stored locally on the device and makes them available via CSV format
  • Supports the retrieval of gas and liquid EFM data
  • Device auto-demotion
  • Time synchronization on EFM poll, user-specified interval, or time of day
  • Media Level Redundancy
  • Supports user-defined block sizes that are configurable on-the-fly
  • Includes a pointer rollback to retrieve lost data from a device
  • Communication Serialization

Supported Devices

  • ABB Totalflow 6000 series FCU
  • ABB Totalflow 6000 series microFLO
  • ABB Totalflow 6000 XSeriesG3
  • ABB Totalflow 6000 XSeriesG4


  • ABB DB1
  • ABB DB2


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