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Advanced Tags enables Machine to Machine (M2M) tag linking, logic, and math functions for operational communications and analysis. It can link two data tags, set a trigger based on logical states, and calculate new values from raw measures. Executing math, logic, or analysis at the connectivity platform level brings data closer to the source.

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  • Includes six, pre-defined linking, logic, and math tags:
    • Average Tag: Calculates the average value of a tag over a defined time.
    • Complex Tag: Groups multiple tags of varying data types as a single complex item or structure.
    • Link Tag: Links data between different protocols.
    • Maximum Tag: Reads and persists a tag's maximum value over a defined time.
    • Minimum Tag: Reads and persists a tag's minimum value over a defined time.
    • Derived Tag: Uses basic scripting and standard logic and math functions to provide calculations exceeding those of pre-defined tags. These tags have the ability to control the frequency and conditions with which an expression will be evaluated, and enable users to incorporate more complex equations into their applications.
  • Supports the import and export of tag data in a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file


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