Embedded PROFINET IO RT Interface Module




This product is for the users who wish to develop the products with PROFINET interface through UART.

Technical Specification:

1. Support PROFINET IO RT V2.2 Protocol.

2. PROFINET input-byte and output-byte number can be freely set and the maximum input bytes 384 and output bytes 384.

3. Support serial interface (UART).

4. GS20-PN-RS and user board interface are CMOS TTL asynchronous serial port, baud rate: Fixed to 115.2K, data bit: 8 bit, even check, 1 stop bit.

5. GS20-PN-RS and user template communication have character even check and longitudinal message CRC check to ensure data security.

6. Support TCP and UDP communication.

7. Power:3.3VDC, 500mA, It is suggested that 2W/3.3VDC supply can be provided.

8. Working temperature: -4°F~122°F (-20°C~50°C), Humidity: 5%~ 95% (non-condensing).

9. External dimension(W*H*D):1.85 in*0.67 in*2.22in(47mm*17mm*56.3mm).