Modbus TCP / DeviceNet Gateway




GT200-MT-DN is a gateway which can provide a seamless information flow between Modbus TCP and DeviceNet network. It can connect multiple DeviceNet adapters or one DeviceNet master device to Modbus TCP network.

Technical Specification:

  • Acts as a Modbus TCP server.
    • Two 10M/100M adaptive network ports.
    • Supports up to 4 Modbus TCP clients.
    • Supported function codes: 03, 04, 06, 16.
  • Acts as DeviceNet scanner or adapter at the side of DeviceNet network.
    • Supported baud rate: 125K, 250K, 500K.
    • When acting as a DeviceNet master:
      • Supports pre-operational and operational state.
      • Supports up to 8 DeviceNet adapters. Maximum 512 bytes of input and 512 bytes of output. (Max. 128 bytes input and 112 bytes output for single adapter)
      • Supports scanning DeviceNet adapters and parameters configuration.
      • Supports I/O messaging (Polling) and COS.
    • When acting as a DeviceNet adapter:
      • Maximum 224 bytes of input and 224 bytes of output.
      • Supports DeviceNet master I/O Polling.
  • Power: 24VDC (11V~30V), maximum 80mA (24V).
  • Operating temperature: -4°F~140°F (-20°C to 60°C).
  • Humidity:5 to 95% (No Condensing).
  • Dimension (W*H*D): 0.98 in*3.94 in *3.54 in (25mm*100mm*90mm).
  • Mounting: DIN Rail Mounting (35mm).
  • Protection level: IP20.


DeviceNet Series