Modbus TCP / CANopen Gateway




Our CANopen to Modbus TCP gateway can seamlessly connects CANopen devices to the Modbus TCP Network.The gateway acts as a CANopen master and Modbus TCP Server.

 Technical Specification:

  • CANopen supports one channel CAN 2.0A. CAN baud rate: 10kbit/s, 20kbit/s, 50kbit/s, 100kbit/s, 125kbit/s, 250kbit/s, 500kbit/s, 1Mbps.
  • CANopen profile DS301 V4.02 and CiA Draft Recommendation 303 compliant.
  • Acts as a CANopen Master,supports 100 PDO and 100 SDO commands.
  • CANopen supports node guarding, Heartbeat and NMT functions.
  • CANopen supports NMT_RESET command configurable function.
  • Acts as a Modbus TCP server.
    • Two 10M/100M adaptive network ports.
    • Supports up to 8 Modbus TCP clients.
    • Supports function codes: 03,04,06,16.
    • Supports maximum input and output 1202 bytes.
  • Power supply: 24VDC ( 11V-30V),80mA (24VDC).
  • Operating Temp: -4°F to 140°F ( -20°C to 60°C), Rel. Humidity: 5% -95%, non-condensing.
  • External dimensions (W*H*D): 1 in*4 in*3.5 in (25mm*100mm*90mm).
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