Technical Specification:

1.   HART can be used as a primary master or the secondary master.

2.   Support one HART-channel. Multi-point mode communication, under ideal conditions, the use of an inner sense resistor can connect up to 13 units of the instrument, using an external sense resistor (250Ω) can connect up to 15 units of instruments. Note: The actual maximum number of connections is up to environment, impedance of communication cables, the minimum operating voltage field instruments,communication distance and so on.

3.   HART interface supports single-point mode and multi-point mode.

4.   Single-point mode supports burst operation HART slave device data.

5.   Support all commands of the HART protocol.

6.   Each HART command can be configured for change-of-state output, polling output, initialization output or disable output.

7.   The HART channel supports up to 100 commands, buffer of HART output data is up to 2000 bytes, and buffer of .

8.   input data is up to 3000 bytes.

9.   EtherNet 10/100M adaptive, support IP address conflict detection, automatic routing functions.

10.  Support 36 Modbus TCP connections, and support up to 512 command requests at the same time.

11.  Power:24VDC(9V~30V),80mA(24VDC).

12.   Operating Temp.:-4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C),Rel. Humidity: 5%-95% RH non-condensing.

13.  Dimension(W*H*D):1.57in*4.92in*4.33in(40mm*125mm*110mm).

14.  Installation:35mm DIN RAIL.

15.  Protection Level: IP20.