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GT200-HT-EI can connect HART slave devices to the EtherNet/IP network and realize bi-directional data exchange easily.


It is designed to let ThingWorx users connect Modbus RTU slaves, Modbus TCP devices with easy configuration. The gateway could be edge gateways that securely connect industrial Modbus equipment over Ethernet networks to ThingWorx.


GT200-HT-MT is a gateway which can achieve data communication between HART and Modbus TCP. That is, to easily connect HART instruments to Schneider PLCs.


GT200-PN-RS is a gateway which can provide a seamless connection between PROFINET network and Modbus. It can connect 2 devices with RS-232 or devices with RS-485 interface to PROFINET network.


Connects multiple Modbus devices with Modbus RS485/RS232 interface to DeviceNet network.


The gateway GT200-HT-RS can connect HART slave devices to Modbus master. It realizes HART to Modbus seamless data conversion.


GT200-BM-2RS can connect multiple Modbus slave devices to the BACnet IP network.


GT200-3HT-MT gateway can connect HART slave devices to Modbus TCP network.

Industry application

Machinery industry
Sewage treatment
Wind power industry

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