HART / Modbus Gateway GT200-HT-RS Application in Sewage Treatment Plant
HART, Modbus, HART/Modbus, 4-20mA, Rosemount, flowmeter

Seven sewage treatment plants are carrying out the renovation of the old project. Each factory has many ROSEMOUNT HART instruments for collecting instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of wastewater in the pipeline. Each instrument connects a PLC (HART master station) of the central control room. PLC is responsible for real-time monitoring of the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of sewage in the pipeline to prevent excessive instantaneous flow of sewage in the pipeline causing damage to the sewage treatment equipment and incomplete treatment to discharge the polluted river. The central control room can control the flow rate of the sewage in time according to the monitored instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow rate of sewage in the pipeline.
Requirements: Not only the instantaneous flow and accumulated flow collected by the HART instrument should be transmitted to the central control room through the HART master station PLC, but also transmitted to the EPA through the DCS (Modbus master station). SST Automation's GT200-HT-RS can meet the needs of customer!

System Composition
The entire system consists of three parts: on-site HART slave device, monitor system of central control room (HART master station PLC system), and the EPA. The monitor system collects the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the instrument through the PLC as the HART master station. The DCS system (Modbus master station) collects the instrument flow through the GT200-HT-RS (at the HART side, it's the second master station).


GT200-HT-RS is used as the HART secondary master station and the primary master station in parallel to collect HART meter data. The "Diagnostics" function in the configuration software SST-HT-CFG helps the customer check HART floating point values in the debug mode. Besides, the newly added support for HART data segment mapping and high and low register swapping can only collect the required data and meet the need to configure the data into a limited pre-defined registers, which greatly facilitates on-site debugging and reduces the customer's acquisition on the DCS side.

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