Modbus/BACnet IP Gateway GT200-BM-2RS
Pharmaceutical Industry Application
Modbus/ BACnet, IPGT200-BM-2RS, SAUTER novaPro Open Suite, Pharma

Pharmaceutical industry's characteristics: complex processes, various equipments, high temperature and pressure, corrosion, flammable, explosive, poisonous and harmfulcharacters.
To ensure the safety of production staff, production of environment, raw materials and product, there must be reliable and effective detection and control means.

Pharmaceutical plant project:
A pharmaceutical company need join field motor protector and some instrument data in central control room system SAUTER novaPro Open, through the real-time monitoring and control of field equipment to achieve real-time monitoring and control of the production process.
The host control system supports BACnet IP protocol, the lower motor protector and instrument uses standard Modbus RTU / RS485 communication, in order to achieve data communication between them, client adopts our gateway GT200-BM-2RS to achieve communication.
System Structure:
Motor protectorcan realize real-time monitoring of the voltage, current and load status of the field motor. Field instrument can realizereal-time monitoring of workshop power and pipeline pressure, through the gateway to convert the field device data into the BACnet IP protocol and then access tohost control system SAUTER novaPro Open.
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Each GT200-BM-2RS gateway can collect about 20 field devices data; by this way can easily realize the data collection of a large number of field devices.

In the entire control system,GT200-BM-2RS shows its stable and reliable performance, providing guarantee for the entire control systemcan run well.

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