SST Automation GT100-PN-DM in Robot Welding Workstation
In a upgrading project, a workshop used ABB-IRB 2400 robots when performing welding work. Each welding station assigned three robots to work at the same time. There are multiple workstations in the workshop, but the imported PLC is Siemens PLC, they cannot be communicated directly. How to control ABB robots through Siemens PLC has become a major difficulty in this project.
The GT100-PN-DM is chose to achieve the communication.
The GT100-PN-DM is able to conect DeviceNet devices to PROFINET network. The module acts as a slave on the PROFINET side and as a master on the DeviceNet side.

Why choose GT100-PN-DM?
1. Wide applications. Any devices that support the DeviceNet protocol can be accessed the PROFINET network for communication.
2. Easy to use. Users do not need to know the technical details of PROFINET and DeviceNet. Just refer to the product manual and case studies. Complete the configuration according to the requirements to achieve communication;
3. Professional and efficient configuration software DNetStart. GT100-PN-DM can scan DeviceNet slaves online, quickly get its I/O parameters and parameter configuration, and support online debugging.
4. Safe and stable. International certification and strong anti-interference.
5. Powerful, dual Ethernet port design, support device cascading, can minimize the cost of cables and switches used in customer engineering sites.

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