Customizing Project

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Dimensions (For reference)


Start project (1-2week):

  • Product(Module) Definition
  • Technical agreements and Contract

Delivery cycle(8 weeks):

  • Delivery the product
  • Make the Module Prototype
  • Test the firmware function
  • QC, electrical packaging and delivery

Price List

  • $ 4 engineering cost(only customize the software or hardware, this fee will be determined by the specification)
  • Provide 5 units sample

Fieldbus Slave Interface Module


  • 10 PCS
  • 100 PCS
  • 1000 PCS

Unit Price

  • $75/€56
  • $70/€50
  • $70/€50

Real-time Ethernet Slave Interface Module

  • 10 PCS
  • 100 PCS
  • $60-125/€45-100
  • 5% discount
Remark: EMC Test and certification will be paid by the users.The price doesn't include VAT.

Customization Process


Contact Us

Please tell us your requirement.


Product Definition

SST will evaluate customized project and definite the product.


Signing Contract

A contract is signed before starting the customized project.


Advance Payment

Prepay for the customized project.


Design Product

We will complete the project in 40 working days.


Product Acceptance

Once the project is completed, we will send it to you to have an acceptance testing.


Pay the Balance

If the acceptance testing pass, pay the balance.


Closing Project

we look forward to cooperate with you again!

Successful Case

Our customized product EPM-5211 is successfully used in Honeywell's Universal Dual Analyzer (UDA) 2182.

Honeywell's Universal Dual Analyzer (UDA) 2182 provides Modbus communications. EPM-5211 gateway module is installed in it, which acts as a gateway to convert Modbus protocol to PROFIBUS DP protocol.

Technical Specification:
  • 1. EPM-5211 gateway module establishes transparent communication between PROFIBUS DP and Modbus through mapping relationship between PROFIBUS DP data communication area and Modbus data communication area.
  • 2. Act as a PROFIBUS DP slave and a Modbus master.
  • 3. EPM-5211 supports 01H, 02H, 03H, 04H, 05H, 06H, 0FH and 10H Modbus function codes.
  • 4. Maximum configuring 48 Modbus commands.
  • 5. Modbus function codes 03H and 04H support function of "Byte-Swapping" and make users easily solve the conversion problem of big end data and small end data between the two networks.
  • 6. Max Input: 244 bytes; Max Output: 244 Bytes; Max Input + Max Output: 488 Bytes.